Why a transfer?



There are several possibilities to travel from the airports Ciampino (CIA) and Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci (FCO) to the centre of Rome. This is either by public transport, through a private transfer or by taking a taxi. In most cases it is efficient and preferable to use a private transfer.

If you land at Ciampino Airport you can use public transport to save costs. In this case,travel time from Ciampino Airport to city centre will take you approximately 2,5 hours,is, including getting your luggage. Public transport costs just 2 Euros per person. The use of a taxi or a transfer is more expensive, but faster. Please note that regular taxis at Ciampino are cheaper than our transfer.

If you land at Fiumicino Airport a private transfer is always worth it. The cost saving achieved by taking public transport are next to nothing. The shuttle from the airport to the Termini central railway station costs 14 Euros per person, then you still have to arrange for transport from the railway station to your final destination.

In short, the use of the transfer service is worth your while in most cases. But why is ordering a transfer service more favourable than taking a regular taxi?

What’s good about transfer service?

  • The driver is reliable

  • The driver knows the address of your destination

  • The car is luxurious; the driver is professional and dressed formally

  • The driver is complying with airport guidelines and Italian law

  • The driver checks your flight schedule, in case of any changes, he will arrive at the right time

  • The costs are set in advance, no annoying additional charges or a rising meter in a traffic jam

What are the disadvantages of a regular taxi?

  • You will need to inform the taxi driver about the address

  • You could end up with an unreliable driver who tampers with the meter

  • If you get stuck in a traffic jam, the meter will continue to run

  • The quality of the driver and the car are not guaranteed

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